The Big Short ★★★★

Another movie that I did not have huge expectations for, but still wanted to see, The Big Short was an overall great performance by everyone involved. It was nice to see the other perspective of the people that wanted to catch the scumbags that ran big banks instead of what Wolf of Wall Street was projecting, which was the opposite. Steve Carell is definitely deserving of his Golden Globe nomination, as is Christian Bale.

It is nice to see a true story work well, especially with both drama and comedy. I also liked the little "timeouts" that were included when there was something that was a little confusing. This gives the movie a sense of self, as well as originality. This part of our history that happened only a few years ago is an essential part in our lives and rocked the nation to its core, and it was important to tell the story right, which The Big Short does effectively.

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