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  • Southside with You

    Southside with You


    Setting politics aside, I found Southside with You an enjoyable watch. I love very “talkie” films that focus more on the dialogue than plot and this certainly fit the bill. It’s as if you took any of Linklater’s films from the “Before” trilogy and placed it in the south side of Chicago.

    Michelle Robinson, a young lawyer who also serves as an intern supervisor for a prestigious Chicago law firm, is preparing at her parents’ house to be picked up…

  • Julieta



    I don’t know if I will ever tire of watching an Almodóvar film. Although Julieta is not my favorite of his films, I found it gripping enough to hold my attention. Like other Amodóvar films, this film is heavily relationship-centered and the complexity of those relationships are examined closely. However, Julieta adds the additional element of being a mystery.

    The title character is a Classics professor who is packing up her apartment so that she can move to Portugal with…

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  • The Past

    The Past


    I found Asghar Farhadi’s The Past to be just as riveting and engaging as his last outing, A Separation. Just like his previous film, Farhadi throws his viewers into the middle of a tumultuous domestic situation and leaves them to figure out where their loyalties (if any) lie.

    The story line is all about motives. Farhardi constructs his stories like the layers of an onion. At first, I thought the storyline was pretty straightforward based on the surface. An Iranian…

  • The Wave

    The Wave


    Around The World in 30 Films – 2018 Challenge

    Featured Country: Norway

    This is a fine disaster movie that doesn't try to do too much. Yes, there are casualties, but The Wave doesn't focus on tallying the body count like other films in this genre. I mostly enjoyed the aerial shots of the beautiful Norwegian fjords.