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  • Who Shrunk Saturday Morning?

    Who Shrunk Saturday Morning?


    Who Shrunk Saturday Morning is a perfect example to why my generation is so fucked up. This is a clip show of cartoons that will be on NBC Saturday morning that features Saved by the Bell characters zapped into the TV set and they have to get back before Roz from Night Court gives them detention for being late. Of course, Mr Jefferson shows up and helps them return and they are saved by the bell. The cartoons shown are…

  • Superman



    "Wait, who are you?"
    "A friend."

    I have taken a much-needed break from Letterboxd and movies in general. I have watched movies and logged them but have rarely written reviews. While I am not saying I am back in my normal capacity I had to write a review for Superman: The Movie. I watched the 3 hour TV version. I have no idea what was added as I haven't watched Superman in about 10 years.

    Maybe 3 hours is a…

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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    I loved Wonder Woman and when I heard they were doing the sequel it quickly rose to my most anticipated movie of 2019 and then 2020. I try not to get too excited for new movies, books, video games, TV shows or whatever else there is to be excited for in pop culture. I simply couldn't contain my excitement for WW84. I am happy to report this movie has lived up to its promise. Throughout the movie the idea of…

  • God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

    God Bless Ozzy Osbourne


    Something can be said about a story of hitting rock bottom and then redeeming yourself. Ozzy Osbourne has lived it and his story is an interesting one, ranging from Black Sabbath, a successful solo career, death of Randy Rhodes, stuttering and mumbling in a stoned stupor on The Osbornes, and then sobriety. Interviews with his kids are often gut punches. It is a wonder he was able to steadily release albums throughout his career. One moment sticks out when he…

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  • Athlete Swinging a Pick

    Athlete Swinging a Pick


    For 1881 this is pretty magnificent. In 2018 this is a pretty lame gif.

  • Christine



    That scene where the gas station explodes and the car drives away on fire, that is worth the price of admission.