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  • Hide and Go Shriek

    Hide and Go Shriek

    There are films you care about and there are films you don’t care about. This falls into the second category. 

    There are slight spoilers below but it really doesn’t matter as you shouldn’t be watching this movie anyway. 

    The entire premise was executed to perfection in Chopping Mall. Basically, teenagers stay overnight at a furniture store for a night of debauchery and are unaware of the guy that is temporarily living there. The owner of the furniture store has hired…

  • Zombies vs. Strippers

    Zombies vs. Strippers

    I saw a movie called Zombie Decadence 2 on Hulu and was thinking about watching it but I wanted to find the first movie. I did find the first movie on Full Moon Streaming. I found Zombie Decadence. Then I went to Letterboxd to see if I could find Zombie Decadence and I couldn’t. I could find Zombies vs Strippers with the exact same run time, cast, director and description as Zombie Decadence. Then I searched for Zombies vs Strippers…

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  • The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk


    The Incredible Hulk is an oddity in the realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First off, there was a Hulk movie that was released like 5 years before this one and the entire cast changed. Then the next time we see Hulk it is a different actor.

    The story isn't bad and for a Hulk movie this is probably the best one out there. That doesn't mean it is a great movie though. They were still trying to figure out…

  • Iron Man

    Iron Man


    Iron Man was the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for better or worse it is a thing.

    My brother and I will be watching all of the movies released in the MCU. Not really sure why, well it is one thing we can both sort of agree on.

    Tony Stark is just as annoying as I remember him being. To be honest, I never got into Iron Man comics. He isn't relatable outside of his love of…

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  • Ouija



    I have finally sat down and watched this movie that has been on my Vudu for a year or 2.

    I have the sequel and I want to know who greenlit the sequel after this movie. Surely, it had to make a shitload of cash for a major studio to do even think about moving forward with this franchise. On top of that, this movie doesn't really leave itself open for a sequel. I guess it does, but not really.…

  • Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre

    Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre


    I spent $2.99 to own this masterpiece and was worth it I guess?

    Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre is a low budget Troma slasher set in the swamps of Florida. There are beautiful girls who don't wear bikinis as much as one might expect from a title that says they will wear bikinis. They go camping in the swamp because that sounds horrible... scratch that, I meant that sounds fun! Once there one of the girls is missing and is…