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  • Dark Angel: The Ascent

    Dark Angel: The Ascent


    Before I started this movie I made sure this wasn’t a sequel, considering the name. I am almost sad this isn’t a part of movie series. Even though it is Full Moon I have seen some great series come from that studio, Trancers I am looking at you.

    This tells a story of a demon who ends up on Earth. While this is a horror movie it is also romantic comedy. It kind of has this weird balancing act that…

  • Blood Games

    Blood Games


    What starts off as the most awkward and exploitative game of baseball ever played, quickly turns into a rape revenge and survival horror movie. A traveling team of scantily clad and often buxom baseball team is playing against some rednecks. If only sexual harassment/assault was taken as seriously as it today this movie would have been over within 5 minutes and the girls would have been filthy rich. Alas, it was 1990 and they were playing against gross rednecks.


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  • Get Smart

    Get Smart


    I have grown up watching Get Smart reruns. I remember going to my grandparents and watching it on Nick at Nite because we didn't have cable. Then it appeared on syndication for a while. Get Smart is my earliest introduction to the world of Mel Brooks. When I first heard this was being made, I was way too excited and wasn't let down.

    Carrell and Hathaway were excellent as Maxwell Smart and 99. I would be lying if I said…

  • Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts


    Bleeding Hearts is a low budget horror film about 5 sisters and every year men of the town they live in will die for them.

    This never truly knew what it wanted to be. Does it want to be a mockumentary? Sort of, but not really. Perhaps a failed attempt at torture porn? No, it never gets gory enough to reach that height. There is plenty of gore but not at that level. Bleeding Hearts does know it's sleaze and…

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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 1 - July 2018

    Today is Friday the 13th so the obvious choice for today's selection had to be a Friday the 13th movie. I have seen all of the movies multiple times, including the 2009 remake. I remember seeing this in the theater back when my roommate would get us in for free at midnight or 1 am the day before it was released. I mean how else would they know if the film would…

  • The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project


    I have said how much I hate found footage in the past. I believe I have said this multiple times. Outside of the Creep series and a select few others I become a curmudgeon. Nothing will change my mind. Well....this is one of the select few others. I remember when this movie came out. The marketing was fucking amazing and I believe it was the first to use the Internet to it’s advantage. My friend and I would obsessively go…