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  • Hide and Go Shriek

    Hide and Go Shriek

    There are films you care about and there are films you don’t care about. This falls into the second category. 

    There are slight spoilers below but it really doesn’t matter as you shouldn’t be watching this movie anyway. 

    The entire premise was executed to perfection in Chopping Mall. Basically, teenagers stay overnight at a furniture store for a night of debauchery and are unaware of the guy that is temporarily living there. The owner of the furniture store has hired…

  • Zombies vs. Strippers

    Zombies vs. Strippers

    I saw a movie called Zombie Decadence 2 on Hulu and was thinking about watching it but I wanted to find the first movie. I did find the first movie on Full Moon Streaming. I found Zombie Decadence. Then I went to Letterboxd to see if I could find Zombie Decadence and I couldn’t. I could find Zombies vs Strippers with the exact same run time, cast, director and description as Zombie Decadence. Then I searched for Zombies vs Strippers…

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  • Halloween



    Saw this opening night and umm Halloween is AMAZING.

    This is everything I wanted and more.

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    "Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.
    Happy, happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!"

    If that isn't in your head for the next week I don't wanna know you

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  • Andre the Giant

    Andre the Giant


    I will preface this with I have watched a crapload if wrestling over the past few days. Wrestlemania weekend has that effect on me. As I was finishing up Smackdown tonight I was reminded that This documentary would be premiering on HBO. I have been waiting for this since I saw the first trailer months ago. 

    I settled in for a piece of wrestling history, told by historians and people who were there. Then the myths began to come up.…

  • Scream



    Last time I watched Scream was in 2016 and for some reason, I rated it 3.5 stars. If I had to take a guess I was probably working and had this on in the background and didn't give it the attention it deserves. I love slasher movies and have seen more than I want to admit. What does that have to do with Scream? You see, Scream kind of created the modern slasher. Wes Craven was able to reinvent something…