Inferno ★★★★

I would be lying if I said I was captivated from the very beginning of this movie. However, this is a perfect example of why I do not turn movies off. The story is a slow build to pure bat shit craziness. Once the wheels get going nothing is safe and I can say I enjoyed this on the whole. Stepping out of my comfort zone and entering the world of haunted houses/buildings can be fun. Still I don’t see myself seeking out more haunted house films anytime soon. I do have a short list based on reviews from a few folks here at LB. 
An observation that I have made is that I hope Dario Argento‘s house was painted in bright colors to help inspire his directorial choices. Suspiria is known for the bright technicolor odyssey that it is. I haven’t really heard too much about Inferno regarding this, but it is there in full technicolor bliss.

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