Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

Oof, so I have literally watched every movie in this series to watch this movie thinking I haven't seen it before. According to Letterboxd, I have seen this movie on July 13, 2019, to be exact. To be fair, I watch a shitload of movies and my memory is horrible. That is one of the main reasons I love Letterboxd. The other reason I love Letterboxd is the small community of people on here that I interact with and the even smaller number of people I have met via LB that I can call friends and the even fewer I consider as really close friends. I think that is one of the many reasons why the internet became as popular as it did. There is still a downside to the internet. Like the T-Virus it can spread the worst of humanity in mere moments. I can surely point you to some Letterboxd comment threads as proof, I don't think I need to mention YouTube comments because those are the worst. It seems that one person's negativity spreads as fast as I would imagine a zombie outbreak. Perhaps, zombies do exist, just not as flesh-eating, brain-craving ghouls. Instead, they feed on the negative attention, tweet-fucking whatever stupid thought is posted that won't get them banned by breaking any terms of service that a lifeless corporation came up with. What if, a huge what if, what if Google is the real-world version of Umbrella Corporation? The company motto is "Don't be evil" while Umbrella Corporation's motto is "Our business is life itself". The T-Virus was meant to be a cure, at least initially it was. As I have seen throughout this franchise, they are irresponsible and seem to be okay with it. Speaking of irresponsible, there is Facebook who does not require political ads to be factual, which is helluva irresponsible and they seem to be okay with it.

I really have no idea where that came from, wait, yes I do. I have been watching Resident Evil movies all week and I am team Alice in her fight against a soulless corporation. The Final Chapter finds Alice and friends in the final showdown. Maybe after the last movie, this one doesn't hold up too well. It is still a lot of fun but it feels like a downgrade from the last movie. The last movie is like a steroid needle straight in the jugular. The Final Chapter, while it does have zombies for miles filled with suspense, it just never hits the same stride. However, Iain Glen is excellent as Dr. Issacs. In many ways, he is the perfect bad guy. Ruthless, vile, and monster. This guy kills BILLIONS of people then asks for a glass of water, stabs a guy, and then uses manners to say "Thank you," to a shaking subordinate. He has bumped this to a 4-star flick. After watching all of the movies in a short period of time, I enjoyed this one a little more. It does have its faults but this a fun movie and one of the better in the series.

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