Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Inebriated breakdown of this amazing concert movie.

Psycho Killer: If you think I was not mimicking David Byrne during the drum machine breaks from the tape on his boom box, you are wrong.

Heaven: Perhaps the most spiritual song ever written that I can be 100% behind. Oh heaven, heaven is a place, a place where nothing ever happens....see Amanda's review for how I feel about this song fucking song.

Thank You for Sending Me an Angel: fuck yeah, drums and bass in full force

Found a Job: If you aren't dancing yet, you have no hope and you should be thinking about your life decisions. I have thought about mine and Judy is in the bedroom inventing situations. Also, Tina Weymouth is sexy as she dances in her overalls.

Slippery People: Echoes! He's alright from the bottom to the top! Afro Heads!!!!! Hand drum percussionist appears! Back up singers appear, they dance and it fucking beautiful.

Burning Down the House: Bernie!!!!!! Please take a moment of silence for the loss of Bernie! He was in P-Funk, Talking Heads and hung out with Les Claypool. He is no longer with us. Dance extra hard for the first appearance of Bernie Worrell in Stop Making Sense. Tina is rocking it out on a synth and you still aren't dancing. What is wrong with you?!?!?!?! Note: FUCK YOU MC HAMMER, you didn't invent the running man dance, it was perfected on stage by the TALKING HEADS.

Life During Wartime: Is there anything that more urgent or relevant in 2018 than this song from the 1980s? No there isn't. The dance floor is begging for your attention. This ain't no goddamn fooling around. I am pretty sure the band ran 5 miles to bring us this song and I ran about 3 miles with a beer in my hand trying to keep up. Laps around my apartment are nowhere as impressive as laps around a stage.

Making Flippy Floppy: Slideshow makes Radiohead envious. The funky guitar also makes Radiohead envious. We all can't be David Byrne can we Thom Yorke? Tina has lost her jumpsuit and she looks amazing. Byrne has slicked back his hair. Bernie breaks into the National Anthem on the synth. It should be as iconic as Hendrix but isn't. Our president is crazy, did you hear what I say?


Swamp: RED!!!! TALKING HEADS IN RED IS BETTER THAN BEING DEAD!!!! High! High, high, high!!!! This is the most energetic marching I have done since grade school.

What a Day That Was: Turn out the lights, find a fucking flashlight and put it on the ground and have it facing up. Make your face have amazing horror movie shadows while being a friend of the funk. Oh, wait, you aren't David Byrne. Instead just dance like crazy and drink 'em if you got 'em. I want a great big room to go boom, boom, boom as that seems to be the way to live.

I will like to take this moment to apologize to my neighbors. It is 4:30 am and I am rocking out to Talking Heads. This means my neighbors are indirectly and unwillingly rocking out to Talking Heads. To keep my bad neighbor status a rocking, the volume ain't a lowering.

This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody): Okay, I am sitting this one out on dancing. Outside of writing quirky things for each song I have been dancing, trying to match the band step for step. Fun story about this song, I was in a band about 20 years ago and we had a song that was influenced by this song. Except it was about Skelator. Yeah, that Skelator. Hey! I did a lot of drugs and thought it was funny. High on Skelator's mountain! Adam is looking at you!!!! I wish I made this up right now, but I didn't and that fucking song was amazing. We needed a lamp and chimes to bring it together and we never did that.

Once in a Lifetime: The most hip-hop song ever written by a non-hip-hopper. That fucking musical catch is more catchy than anything that Tupac has ever imagined. If you aren't breaking your back trying to breakdance on your white and black rug, sorry but you are living life wrong. Also, can you call a doctor for me? Also, if you are not chopping your arm like they did in the video before your untimely back spasm you haven't lived life. I mean, this is ONCE IN A FUCKING LIFETIME.

Genius of Love: Tom Tom Club = piss break? Hell no!!!! Check out Tina's dance moves and mimic that shit. It is uncomfortable but if you were to do this every day, it will make Richard Simmons irrelevant. Honestly, if you were to follow ever dance move in this concert Richard Simmons would be irrelevant as fuck. Oh yeah, James Brown is the godfather of soul. Oh and this song is a great way for David Byrne to get a glass of water that he desperately needs.

Girlfriend Is Better: Big suits are a thing. Have no fear, David Byrne's dance moves are better than that. However, Bernie's synth is nothing better than that. I don't care how impossible that it seems. Next time I have to dress up at work, I want a big suit. Stop making sense as this thought makes way too much sense.

If you are still sitting on your ass and not dancing please unfollow me.

Take Me to the River: An Al Green classic dissected on stage. Who the hell is brave enough to do such a thing? Talking mutherfuckin' Heads! This is the most psychedelic version you will ever hear. It is fair if you aren't full on dancing during this track as Byrne introduces the band and uses effects on his voice. ****Personal thought, this version has influenced Phish more than you think, I have sat through many vocal jams from that band in a live setting and Talking Heads did it first. If you don't believe me, please explain Phish covering Remains In Light a decade ago on Halloween.

Crosseyed and Painless: David Byrne proves he is good at guitar and weird time changes. However, the real stars here are Tina Weymouth and the drummers. Such a weird time change and to follow it through is magnificent.

I have danced throughout most of this concert movie. Beer in hand and loud volume. This is on the top of the short list of best concert movies... EVER!

Double Feature Alert: Stop Making Sense and then True Stories to see very awkward David Byrne.

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