Undercover Brother ★★★

Seven years before Black Dynamite hit the silver screen there was Undercover Brother. Eddie Griffin leads a cast that includes Dave Chappelle and Denise Richards. This hits every possible stereotype that can be expected in a spoof of blaxploitation films from the 70s. There is an organization that is trying to remove prominent African Americans from power. The way they do this is with fried chicken. Yeah, they went there and I went along for the ride. Denise Richards is the baddie that seduces Undercover Brother and gets him to eat mayonnaise. 

It is a shame that this didn’t spawn sequels. The cast played everything straight, well as straight as possible. This could have been a solid series to compete with Mike Meyers’ Austin Powers movies that were coming out around the same time. Don’t make any mistake this aims at spoofing 70s detective blaxploitation films this movie is fully aware it is from the early 2000s. Scenes like 2 women fighting, ripping each other’s clothes off and ending up in a shower is a product of it’s time. The soundtrack is excellent and generic at the same time. Expect every funk song that you have heard in a roller skating rink to be played. Undercover Brother does have it’s flaws but so did the classics it spoofs. I also believe this was created in an act of love to a bygone era of cinema.

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