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  • Golden Exits

    Golden Exits


    Emily Browning’s character says “people never make films about ordinary people who don't really do anything. You know dramatize them in a way that makes them compelling.” And I’m like have you even been watching films since Cassavetes made Shadows?!
    Anyways one of the main highlights here was Sean Price Williams’ 16mm cinematography, at which he is so goddamn good! He is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cinematographers. In 2017 alone he shot 4 films and all of them looked absolutely stunning!

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    The fairy tale is really about patriarchy.Belle goes from voluntary servitude in his father’s house (who unlike the Disney version, is a well-off and perfectly capable man), to her future husband’s house. Much like arranged marriage, it is her father who effectively puts her in Bete’s house, and despite her being uncomfortable there, she stays long enough that she finally gets used to him. At the end, the beast turns into a prince. The story emphasizes that if a “good”…

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  • Untitled



    I’m very grateful to Monika Willi for assembling this film, and doing such an admirable job with it. A fitting last hurrah for Glawogger, which at times reminded me of Deren’s (also posthumously assembled travelogue) Divine Horsemen, and at times of Cameraperson. But the film that Willi made from Glawogger’s images is ultimately far superior to both of those for me. Mediative, observational and at the same time (mostly due to the voiceover) deeply personal.

  • The Thief of Bagdad

    The Thief of Bagdad


    William Cameron Menzies’ art direction is the highlight here. At times the pacing of the film is really off. It starts off strong and pulls you in easily, but by the exploration parts (that theoretically should be the most exciting parts of the film) I had effectively tuned out! Though overall the film is formidable enough and as a two and half hour blockbuster from 90 years ago, is still very watchable.