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  • Taris


    Too bad, I never really liked any of Vigo's four films!

  • Osaka Elegy

    Osaka Elegy


    A brilliant and ahead-of-time film in the context of 1930s Japan that unfortunately hasn't aged well at all and looks a bit primitive (especially production-wise) when compared to Mizoguchi's own later work.

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  • American Honey

    American Honey


    This is by definition a one star film for me, as I found it increasingly difficult to watch until the end("★=Painful to seat through").The only positive thing for me was the underlying central metaphor of the film which elevated it slightly, in my mind. I hadn't listened to so much trashy music since I was in middle school, and hadn't seen so many useless scenes (aiming way too hard for a "slice of life" film) in a film for a…

  • Boy



    Boy is described as Oshima's most accessible work and considering that it was made between two of his most conceptually challenging and stylistically innovative films, Death by Hanging and The Ceremony, it might seem like a step backwards for Oshima; however, Boy is a perfect example of how a director adjusts his formal choices and stylistic tendencies to the content that he is presenting. This film was made based on real events and Oshima's approach to the story maximizes the…