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  • The Lizard

    The Lizard


    Often cited as a film that undermined the clergies in Iran and as a somewhat “radical” satire of them, The Lizard is actually a classic case of hegemonic negotiation, in which what appears to be undermined on the surface, is actually endorsed on a deeper ideological level. From the beginning of the film, the clergy at the prison is introduced as a rather angelic figure who teaches the protagonist, Reza, the most valuable lesson that he gets in the film,…

  • The Night It Rained

    The Night It Rained


    Although Shirdel already was the master of turning straightforward assigned projects into brilliant pieces of art and harsh social commentary before this film (see The Women’s Quarter and Tehran is the Capital of Iran), here he reaches an entirely new level. The Night it Rained shouldn’t be merely relegated to a Rashomon-wannabe documentary, as it sometimes is. True, the film challenges and questions the nature of truth in a way most reminiscent of Kurosawa’s film, but it is also a…

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  • 120 Beats Per Minute

    120 Beats Per Minute


    This had one of the best sex scenes that I’ve seen in a very long time! And it’s really hard to have non-Hollywoodized sex scenes. So, impressive!

  • Spielberg


    Dogmatism is a constant fear of mine: be it political, social, or in this case cinematic. So, from time to time, I try to give the “opposition” a chance, to see the world through the eye of those with whom I have deep disagreements, and not completely space them out. In this case, I tried to get a bit more of insight into a director whom I almost despise, but the Spielberg portrait that this film painted just reinforced everything…