That Darn Cat!

That Darn Cat! ★★★★½

I’m really glad to finally get this film off of my watchlist. And even more important, I’m glad that I loved it!

Sure, on the outside it seems like your run-of-the-mill smart animal outsmarts silly humans comedy, but with a great cast and some stellar gag humour, this one may just turn out to be one of my favourite Disney movies of all-time! And that’s no small feat for a first-time watch! Hayley Mills and Dean Jones are quite good as the two main leads, but I most loved the supporting cast, highlighted by Dorothy Provine, a hilarious Elsa Lanchester (One of my personal favourite actresses!) and the always-entertaining Ed Wynn. Fun Fact: I have an Ed Wynn impression! Remember: When you and your friends are sick of Nic Cage, Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken impressions, try Ed Wynn to mix it up at your next party!

The cat is a pretty good actor and it’s a shame that we never got a sequel cause I could honestly watch him again!

The title song by Bobby Darin is quite the jam! Hard to believe it doesn’t have much of a life outside of the movie. Or should that be nine lives? Hmm!

A good treat if you love animals, comedic capers and/or Frank Gorshin!

Also, why is Hayley Mills’ character’s boyfriend named Canoe???

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