Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

”Right now, there's sorrow, pain. Don't kill it and with it the joy you've felt.”

Curved statues will beg you to desire them. Wet bodies dry with the heat of the summer afternoon. Ripe fruits drip with juice. Long and refreshing bicycle rides are taken across the Italian countryside. Oliver goofily dances to eighties music. Bach is played by the way of Liszt. Elio has awkward teenage sex. Dirty clothes. Swimming in blue lakes at dawn. Burgeoning passion blooms like flowers in the spring. “It is better to speak or to die”. He bravely speaks and his love is met with warmth. However, time keeps on passing and with the end of the summer his love withers and collapses like flowers in the autumn. Nevertheless, what they had remains beautiful. Even though Elio cries in the closing frames, his last subtle smile indicates that his summer of discovery and love was worth all the heartbreak.


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