Her ★★★★

Her was one of my anticipated movies 2013, i was really confident that Spike Jonze was going to be able to pull this movie out. Her had a great cast, a innovative director and a very interesting premise my level of excitement was up. But some people were not but the fact is that when Her premiered at The New York Film Festival everybody loved it and since then the movie's reputation has only gotten higher and higher and we now see a Best Picture Nomination for this underdog.

Her is Written/Directed by Spike Jonze and it stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara, Kristen Wiig, Olivia Wilde and even Spike Jonze.

(Some Spoiler Ahead)
"Her follows Theodore(Joaquin Phoenix), he is a lonely letterwriter and he is separated from his wife from whom he has been with since their childhood. Theodore is sad, lonely he doesn't even take any pleasure from his work anymore...as some one describes him in the movie, he looks like a little sad puppy. But everything changes when he buys the new OS(Operating System), an Operating System that might have no body but has a fully developed consciousness. At first he sees Samantha(the name of the OS) with distance, he can't through the fact that she is an OS but the fact is that they soon fall in love...both. They are pretty much the usual young couple they fight, they have sex, they laugh, they are in love. But the fact is that Theodore's and Samantha's relationship is no different that the real life ones and with time, the excitement the laughs start to disappear just like they did before in Theodore's former relationship."(Spoiler Done).

Her might be the movie that finally makes everybody take both Joaquin Phoenix and Spike Jonze as seriously as they should be, these two show here some unbelievable talent.
I think first and most of all i have to applause Jonze for having directed to perfection this movie and secondly i have to think Jonze for writing such an amazing screenplay. If you still think this is a movie about Siri...as many people were saying, well then you have some problems.

Her's subject might be the most intriguing thought provoking subject of the year...will there be in a near future a system that will be as complex as the human brain, we will be able to fall in love to them can they fall in love, are they just "robots" programmed. IS THIS THE FUTURE OF LOVE? These are all questions that kept going throughout my mind during the movie and afterwords.

The movie is set in an unknown future, it seems to be a near one not much has changed it's a subtle change that we see because of the costumes, cinematography but especially Production Design which is quite marvelous in Her, it should get a Nomination at the Oscars. Talking about technicalities Her's Score by Olivia Wilde and The Arcade Fire is also pretty great.
Another guy that needed to get more Oscar buzz is Joaquin Phoenix, who is here again great...what a come back this guy had. He gives face to Theodore, we see him laugh, we see him cry, we see him and him sleeping, his vulnerability is palpable is a performance full of layers.

Another big part of the movie depends on Johansson's voice, and she is marvelous, like Theodore we imagine the face that Samantha has, and the fact that i didn't see Johansson proves that her voice performance is quite great.
Rest of the supporting cast is also fine with a shout out to Amy Adams who i always fall in for.
Her is innovative, inventive, subtle, funny, emotionally draining, thoughtful, extremely well acted, flawlessly directed, magical love story.