The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Re-watched the first go to re-watch The Godfather: Part II to,usually next to The Godfather in what people consider to be the best movies of all time,i would say that 55% of the people like the first one best,but its almost 50/50.
I got to that i like the first one more than the second one,not meaning that the Part II is bad because it is really great to.
Now if you asked me when The Godfather ended if i wanted to see the first years of Vito Corleone in America,i would say yes,but the fact is that,that was what took me out of the movie.I think there is not enough time for that story in the movie,this is a 200 minute movie and only 45 minutes are given to that part of the plot. Nevertheless Robert De Niro is great.
And you know what is also great,the cast of this movie:Al Pacino,Robert Duvall,Diane Keaton,Robert De Niro,John Cazale,Talia Shire,Lee Strasberg,Michael V. Gazzo and G.D. Spradlin.
And the star of them all is Al Pacino,he gives maybe the best performance of his career has the rootless,emotionless Michael Corleone,he didnt even win Best Actor in a Leading Role,the other nominees were Albert Finney,Jack Nicholson,Dustin Hoffman and Art Carney,and who did he lost to?He lost to Art Carney,i cant understand.
Robert De Niro won Best Actor in a Supporting Role,and Talia Shire Lee Strasberg and Michael V. Gazzo were also nominated for Supporting Roles.And the one that got left was the great John Cazale brings the troubled Fredo to life, and you can see the weak Fredo desperately trying to live up to the family reputation but knowing that he can never be what his Brother wants.He at Least deserved to be nominated.
The Godfather: Part II is a great successor to The Godfather,a movie that connects perfectly with the first movie,we can see them almost has one,and that is what the third Godfather fails to do.