Under the Silver Lake ★★

”Welcome to Purgatory.”

It is a remarkable achievement in and of itself that this managed to get financed. I support the few studios that have the nerve to take risks. Let me be clear, “Under the Silver Lake” (2018) most certainly is one. How did David Robert Mitchell pitch the tale of a stoner nobody that gets involved in the disappearance of a young woman and then is approached by homeless kings, murderous owl women and dog killers? What angle do you adopt to make an executive green-light a project such as this? I have no idea. Although I have the firm belief that this is an absolute mess, I am nevertheless glad that balls-to-the-wall filmmaking can be produced in the United States. Unlike some, I think that its peculiar take on the neo-noir subgenre is entertaining. The problem is that its weirdness is the only factor that keeps the spectator engaged. There is no character progression, the narrative line is for the most part unintelligible and the humor, unfortunately, is non-existing. That’s what is disappointing about this feverish paranoid nightmare: the fact that it has no punchlines. As a corollary, not only is the conclusion unsatisfying due to its seeming meaninglessness but the experience itself is stuffy.