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  • Drums Along the Mohawk

    Drums Along the Mohawk


    Beautiful-though it reminded me a lot of The Birth of a Nation

  • Arrival



    Well intended science fiction epic of the year has brilliant questions to ask the audience; yet, it fails to answer any of these questions and turns into a predictable religious fable.
    Young interpreter is recovering from the death of her daughter when Aliens land in multiple locations across the planet without contact or any explanation.
    Amy Adams gets called by military leader Forrest Whitaker to come "talk with the visitors"-Jeremy Renner is the smart ass mathematician who comes along.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Fascinating, thrilling, near masterpiece from David Fincher is another uniquely frightening film to add to his career.
    Hard to describe the plot without revealing anything to those who haven't yet seen it-suffice to say that a man's wife goes missing, appears to have possibly been murdered, we think he may have done the crime, and so do the police.
    Full of twists and turns with murderously sexy plot points that would have made Hitchcock jealous.
    In the third act the…

  • Stalker



    Bizarre and hypnotic film that feels like a fable plays like one of the more exciting works that Andrei Tarkovsky ever directed.
    At just shy of three hours in length the film seems to go by relatively quickly.
    The first half is rather exciting as the three men: the stalker, the writer, and the scientist; find their ways to sneak past guards and boundaries to get to the zone-a transformative and cinematic move that reaches as high as the moment…