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  • Tempest



    There's so much terrible in this movie, which makes the great scenes feel so odd. Did the director make most of it so bad at times on purpose? Basically any time there was singing and dancing (except that final dance scene which was the most Shakespeare-feeling part of the movie), and many of the actors outside of the main four were awful. But Cassavetes, Rowlands, Ringwald, and Sarandon were all very good in their roles. It's a shame Ringwald's character…

  • Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk


    Brilliant idea for an adaptation, execution was lacking for me. Except Laura Dern who was perfect like she is in everything.

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  • On Golden Pond

    On Golden Pond


    For the first 25 minutes, all I could think was that I was going to HATE this movie. But once the daughter and fam came in, it got much better. I really liked Katharine Hepburn especially, as always, but it was very sweet seeing her still act the heck out of a role.

    I still can't give it three stars because that might have been the worst score in the existence of scores. Give me cheesy 80s synth over that sappy nonsense any day of the week.

  • Wild Rose

    Wild Rose


    I feel very weird about this movie. First, I expected it to be about her struggles in Nashville, and she ends up only spending like 20 mins of the movie there. But Jessie Buckley is so incredible as Rose that I was cool with it anyway. Then, she does end up getting to Nashville, her DREAM, and has no preparation whatsoever? You'd think she would have signed up for some open mics, booked some gigs, SOMETHING before flying all the…