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  • Fyre



    Watching this with people who haven't heard of Fyre is really the best way to experience this.

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Yes I watched this twice in one weekend it's seriously that good!!!

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  • The Space Between Us

    The Space Between Us

    This should have been called The Fault in Our Mars.

    Full review for Talk Film Society:

  • Action Point

    Action Point


    *Johnny Knoxville strolls into a Paramount Studios boardroom*

    Knoxville: Hey guys, I have a great idea for a new summer comedy. It's going to be a pastiche of classic 1980s summer comedies like Caddyshack and Summer School where a guy in way over his head leads a band of misfits to victory against the man, except we're going to pepper the whole thing with Jackass-style STUNTS.

    Executive 1: Wow that sounds great, we'd to have the whole Jackass crew back…