Tenet ★★½

Nolan disappears so far up his own ass and neglects the fundamentals of storytelling in favour of a neverending crusade of challenging audiences, in the process making something that his die-hard fans and supporters will gravitate around, and alienate almost everyone else. The action scenes are well done for the most part and are the highlight of the entire experience - it's the endless exposition sequences around them that take the film to a near-screeching halt in appeal (while reflexively trying to pull off the big realization the entire movie is careening towards that still ends up being predictable and anti-climactic). Good charismatic lead performances, an interesting techno-influenced score from Ludwig Goransson make watching this more palatable, but it really feels like a case of someone trying too hard to up the ante on their previous efforts without understanding why they were so beloved in the first place.

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