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  • mother!



    Horrorween 2020 #21
    my full watch list:

    House parties are fun in theory until this happens.

  • Bastards



    "Something went wrong"

    Utterly impossible to forget.
    It's been maybe six or more years since I first saw this and I haven't stopped thinking about it at all really until this long-overdue rewatch.
    It's mostly the ending and that Tindersticks track, but god it's everything.
    Claire Denis' Parisian neo noir is all fuck no foreplay, or rather all sperm stains no money shots.
    We're given the traces of everything and just enough to understand what came before if we pay attention, but never anything more.
    It's ice cold and white knuckled beginning to end.
    Driving with the lights off into the black.

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  • Mommy



    Seen at London Film Festival.

    I never thought I'd be applauding like my life depended on it as a Lana del Rey song played, but it happened tonight.

    Xavier Dolan's followup to his already formidable Laurence Anyways is a force to be reckoned with, more like a thumping heart than a movie.

    Dolan has often been criticized for being style over substance but despite having only recently come into his own as a director after a series of good but…

  • Rosy



    "Did you ever love me?"

    Part-way through writer-director Jess Bond's (aka Jess Manafort) Romantic Comedy Thriller, Doug (Nat Wolff) begins to remove the boards from the windows in the room where he is keeping Rosy (Stacy Martin), an actress he has kidnapped.
    She watches her captor with a look on her face as though this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her and she couldn't be more touched.
    It's a look that is less relief or hope…