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  • Halloween



    I had a fun time! I liked the call backs to the original, there are some creative kills, a few memorable moments dotted around, but it’s overall just a bit...blah. 

    There’s a sequence half way through that’s one continuous shot for a good few minutes and it’s fucking TERRIFIC, like one of the coolest scenes I’ve seen in a while, but the rest of the film doesn’t have the same flair. It all goes fairly by the numbers for 95%…

  • Halloween



    It starts off pretty well, it’s intriguing and we only get glimpses of Michael Myers that are deployed effectively. Then it gets dangerously boring around half way through where absolutely nothing happens of interest, it’s just moving characters into place for the final act. Then it picks up into a way more fucked up than I was expecting finale (tombstone) that showcased, more than anything, that Myers isn’t just a psychopathic killer, the boy’s got flair and panache and I respect that. It’s very fun, I get what it did for the genre even if I think it’s been done better since. Onto Halloween (2018)!

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  • First Man

    First Man


    I've written a review for Jumpcut Online that's nearly 1200 words long. I'm not going to subject you to that on here. But First Man is fucking amazing. Gosling, Foy are incredible, it has gorgeous cinematography, the soundtrack is stunning. It's outstanding on every single level.

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had at the cinema all year, genuine heart in mouth moments from start to finish. I was completely reeled in by the story, which doesn’t waste a second of its 150 minutes. It’s a stunner. A fucking stunner.