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  • 2500 km

    2500 km


    Really impressed by the director/actors’ ability to convey so much in the characters’ eyes. Relationships established within milliseconds, just from a glimpse onscreen. Had to watch this twice, to evaluate how the opening shot fits in, and while I appreciate the ambiguity, the ending titles don’t fit with my preferred interpretation.

  • Four Lions

    Four Lions


    While the rhythm and flow of dialogue never lets you forget it’s a product of the writers of The Thick of It, the taboo subject matter makes the punchlines punch harder. The cast is terrific, and keeps the humanity in the humor that consistently challenges the audience. The darker and darker humor as things go south may present other challenges for the audience, but this is a film that will keep you thinking about why you were (or were not)…

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  • The Cleaners

    The Cleaners


    A timely and important documentary about the disturbing place Facebook occupies in our world. The Cleaners looks at Facebook through the lens of the secret content moderators the company outsources to in the Philippines, who each process 25,000 images per day. The film discusses the artistic, psychological, and political ramifications of their jobs and the strange policies that govern them. The filmmakers do an excellent job of distilling a complex topic into a comprehensible piece that any and every Facebook user should see.

  • Sensum



    A simple conceit with sci-fi phlebotenum thrown in. Well-shot, with a strong opening, but the sizeable gaps in the timeline create a sense of incompleteness in a story that still seems to need a bit of rounding.