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  • Colette



    Keira Knightly rightfully deserves some plaudits for her work in this film, an enjoyable look at one of the great French writers of the 20th century. The film concentrates on her relationships and her development of her voice as an artist, ending right at the beginning of her writing career as Colette. The script doesn’t include enough of her actual writings from the period, but when it does, the film is at its best. I don’t know to whom I…

  • Wildlife



    Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal are such incredibly different actors, with clearly distinct ideas about how to build a character, how to inhabit that character, and how to give powerful line readings. The combination of these two, in different orbits, but cast in a dissolving marriage makes the gut-punch all the more effective.

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  • Border



    Everyone else calls a movie weird. I say yay, sign me up. This, however, was nothing more than a conventional script hiding behind an unconventional and possibly off-putting conceit. Way too predictable for the overall effect to be of much interest.

  • The Cleaners

    The Cleaners


    A timely and important documentary about the disturbing place Facebook occupies in our world. The Cleaners looks at Facebook through the lens of the secret content moderators the company outsources to in the Philippines, who each process 25,000 images per day. The film discusses the artistic, psychological, and political ramifications of their jobs and the strange policies that govern them. The filmmakers do an excellent job of distilling a complex topic into a comprehensible piece that any and every Facebook user should see.