Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

this brought me to tears more frequently than any picture ever has. snyder’s vision for justice league and its once-mythologized existence has always functioned as a microcosm for the broader battle of artistic integrity versus the conglomerated insistence for the surest possible thing. we have no idea how this might’ve performed at the box office, and maybe it’s better that way — maybe the only reason it was released at all is because many of us are still captive within our homes; warner was never willing to bet on zack unless circumstances were virtually risk-less, and this is 242 minutes of snyder showing how fucking stupid they are for doing so. 

the upcoming years will formulate a hindsight that will either position the snyder cut as the catalyst for a restorative movement of creative freedom within tentpole filmmaking, or an outlying exception that underlines the rule (history and my own pessimism suggest the latter). for now though, it just exists, and i’m so glad it does. i feel like a kid again. i’ve seen this film described as “earnest,” and while it is certainly that, i don’t love how it rolls off the tongue in this context; it almost implies a vacuous naïveté i’m not sure zack deserves. personally, i feel this film is more adequately described as brave, because for a man to have experienced so much hurt and scorn and suffering and still make one of the most essential texts in the story of modern cinema — and build its ethos around the sanctity of fatherhood and our innate capacity for goodness — is one of the bravest things an artist can do. he has always believed these heroes can be real, ignorant (and perhaps blissfully so) to the fact that at the end of the day, these are just toy commercials. and yet... it doesn’t stop him from believing.

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