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  • Joker



    He laughs,
    during the silences,
    and listens,
    when everyone, in the room, laughs.
    He is chronically asynchronous,
    with the rest of the world.
    The tragedy of his life,
    was that laughing,
    out of turn,
    was a "condition",
    in the society,
    he wanted to bring joy and laughter in.
    When nothing worked,
    he became the punchline,
    of the Joke, the world,
    had played on him.

  • The Gleaners & I

    The Gleaners & I


    Agnes Varda playfully makes you believe that she is talking about wasted potatoes but there is more. She wants to talk about the shit that runs deeper than a few tonnes of wasted potatoes. The Art of wasting and the trigger it should cause but there isn’t any.

    The Gleaners and I is a rather interesting documentary only because Varda, with a heightened sense of responsibility towards the world, has directed it.

    Voila Varda!

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    What does a Masterpiece Look Like ? It looks like the first 20 minutes of "There Will Be Blood."

  • Interstellar



    One thing I thought Nolan couldn't do as good as his contemporaries was handling Emotions.

    I think he did a fine job this time. Nolan did make an emotional contact finally.