Merry-Go-Round ★★★½

Merry-go-Round is set in countryside Hungary where career is synonymous to farming and status symbol is reflected through the amount of land one owns. It’s a film centred on the theme of Patriarchy and the victim is Mari Pataki, the protagonist, who is in love with this young man called Mate but is forbidden to see him by her father. On the other hand, he wants to marry her off to his business confidante with whom he has signed a land deal. “Land marries Land” says Mr. Pataki explaining how women in that society are nothing but mere props used to get the best of land deals. In a marriage scene, someone announces that the bride is soon going to be sold so everybody should try and dance with her while she is single. Even with an over-abundance of patriarchy, the film unfolds rather progressively after Mari decides to take a stand. For a film made in 1955, it has some moments of groundbreaking cinematography.

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