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  • The Magnificent Seven

    The Magnificent Seven


    Pratt's character is fun, but the movie is just kinda there. Salient result is I want to rewatch Seven Samurai.

  • Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne


    I'm sick of Paul Greengrass. Female characters are either good and dead, or alive and untrustworthy. Action scenes don't track because they have more cuts than a goddamn diced onion. Story is airless, empty apologia for libertarian tech boys who are just held back by the system, man. Greengrass took Doug Liman's vision of Jason Bourne, a brainwashed killer who gets a second chance at being tender, loving and human, and turned him into a scowling man-baby who can only…

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  • When Marnie Was There

    When Marnie Was There


    I saw When Marnie Was There this morning. By evening I was on my way to the theater to see it again. That's a first for me.

    It wasn't just that my local cinema provided both dubbed and subtitled screenings. Sure, I wanted to see both versions. But more than that, I wanted to return to the world of this movie because it stirred some deep nerve cluster that connected my childhood to my adulthood. That's a quality that I've…

  • The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

    The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness


    Around the age of 14, I had an experience that changed how I felt about film.

    I was sitting on the floor of my room, staring at the large tree that obscured my window. The lights were off and I was sulking β€” who can remember why. But this ordinary teenage activity was mixed with real depression, something a lot more pernicious.

    At that time I didn’t have many healthy outlets for my problems. The ones I did have were…