The Guilty

The Guilty ★★½

Why? What was the point of this?

I watched the original and this one back to back, and this is pretty much beat for beat the same. Most of the dialogue is exactly the same. They've added a few things here and there, I guess for some emotional drama (?) but it's so poorly executed.
I love Jake Gyllenhaal and he does a great job as always, but the changes to the script were in such bad taste... The nuances and ambiguity of the original movie are all gone. Not to mention the ending, given to us with a tight little bow? Come on!
I also love Antoine Fuqua and he's done some of the best guilty pleasures for me. I backed up even the lesser ones, but I can't with this one. I just fail to see the purpose of this remake other than cashing on some Hollywood bills.

It was watchable for Jake Gyllenhaal's performance, but I can't recommend it for anything else. Watch the Danish version instead. 😊

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