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  • BlacKkKlansman



    The parts of this that feel when Spike Lee is really hitting the right vibe are when Ron Stallworth is speaking to KKK Grand Dragon David Duke. Stallworth ably brandishes his white man’s English and the illusion of whiteness is easily sold, exposing the fissures in Duke’s perception of race. It’s a parody that fools him, in other words, and over time the parody gets bigger and bigger and more and more resembles today’s political climate: police brutality, institutional racism,…

  • Game Change

    Game Change


    Not quite the camp extravaganza I had wanted. It’s so vetted with facts that its histrionics are dulled, as when Ed Harris’s McCain encounters an Islamaphobe at one of his rallies and deftly sidesteps her accusation that Obama is “an Arab.” This and many scenes play like an overdetermined pantomime of their real-life equivalents. Julianne Moore as Palin is ace, though.

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  • Annihilation



    For the first third or so this is ominous and self-serious in the tradition characteristic of all cerebral sci-fi movies, which permits a precariously narrow margin of error. So when a line of dialogue is delivered amusingly, or the appearance of a CGI creature isn’t convincingly material enough, the laughter that follows is concentrated because it’s been stifled for the time leading up to it—because up until this moment you don’t know if it’s going to fall on the side…

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    The film’s regular fourth wall transgressions that intend to demystify credit bubbles and CDOs or whatever else didn’t quite clarify exactly what’s going on for me, but nevertheless this is a film that’s transparently cognizant of the viewer’s level of interest, checking in every now in then in case one of us is nodding off. It’s this tactic that I really admire, and a film that purposefully solicits participation because McKay & Co. intend to educate under the guise of entertainment,…