A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge ★★★

In considering this film’s critical reevaluation (and what that aforelinked source as well as Wikipedia ascertain is its status as a cult classic) I think its context should be clarified some. It’s a slasher film, a sub-genre with little variation apart from the appearance of the slasher killer, and a franchise sequel, which only accentuates the first point. It’s the sort of movie that seems really familiar even if you haven’t seen it or any of its franchise brethren.

Nightmare 2 departs from the slasher formula in significant ways, but still: one’s appreciation for it is best ballasted by knowledge of the genre, particularly how retrograde these sorts of movies tend to be. Even if this is one of the non-shitty ones, it’s like saying that leftover pizza I ate was pretty good.