Cameraperson ★★★★½

Even as only a decoupage of scenes this is entirely serendipitous, and there’s plenty of material from which to tease out correlations if, like me, you’re inclined to infer some sort of cohesion from the overall enterprise. E.g. the demonstrator who demeans the media’s focus on images of death and suffering as pure voyeurism, which leads to a scene of a breached birth in an African country for which you’re braced for the revelation that the infant has perished. When it coughs for the first time and cries out my eyes had welled up with tears. There are other moments that in some other context suggest the presence of God, or more regularly the risks Kirsten Johnson took on her excursions to remote parts of the world, each emboldened by her resolute empathy and desire to share the stories of those disenfranchised.