Céline and Julie Go Boating ★★★½

I don’t have the mental faculties to fully parse what’s going on in this film. It’s done in such a loose improvisatory fashion that you have to take in every seemingly random sequence with assurance that it’ll all cohere at the end. This is not easy, especially once the narrative proper starts to fracture back and forth between what appear to be two groups of unrelated characters, as though scenes from some other film have been spliced into the one you're watching. But wait! One of the main characters is playing a role in the spliced in parts, and the more you watch her character is interchanged with the other main character and really, after a while, and over the course of the three nights it took to watch this, it doesn't make much sense. Had I the ability to instantaneously splice myself into my past and made some recommendations in order to improve the experience of watching this film, this is what I would’ve said to myself: watch it in one sitting, and think of it as a block of episodes in a longer serial about hero librarian magicians one idyllic summer in circa 1974 Paris.