Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ★★½

I think the central flaw of these movies has to do with an ambiguity as to whether the dinosaurs are deserving of empathy and protection or misbegotten creatures, like a zoo teeming with a multitude of Frankenstein’s creations, piteous but abortable. Because they're all CGI I'm just in it for the rampage parts, so to me they're more adequately cast as monsters. However, the movie keeps toeing around characterizing them like this as though there's some sort of ethical quandary at play; like CGI dinosaur carnage is somehow offensive to animal rights activists or something, so filling the movie up with a bunch of human bad guys makes it seem more palatable. At least the parts where those dudes get climactically devoured are unambiguously morally just death scenes. So: the Jurassic Park movies are in sum about greedy capitalists perishing in the most poetically appropriate ways, in the vice-like jaws of a creature that they've spent millions resurrecting. To this end, this movie has the greediest, most unrepentant of those capitalists.