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  • Titane



    This is certainly weird, but it’s a superb film. Julia Docournau executed the film phenomenally well, bringing in a heart wretched theme to an unearthly story. The first half was surreal, however, after that it got emotional. And, man oh man the vibes of the cinematography is just pure chef kiss. Additionally, the score and soundtrack are amazing (tears was dripping down when Light House by Future Islands played T-T). In all, the film is gripping and it’s surely worth a watch, heck I skipped my lesson writing just for this. 

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  • White Building

    White Building


    Introduction to Kavich Neang...

    He mentioned in an interview that White Building is a very personal film to him, a significant portion of the film is based on his life. The building used to be his home, a place where memories were made, and a community was built, but to experience the demolition of a place dear to you, nay dear to the city of Phnom Penh is heartbreaking. The building was demolished due to the reason of gentrification; relates…

  • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

    Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two


    Matt Reeves, can we have a Two-Face/Holiday/Alberto Falcone/Catwoman/Batman story in The Batman sequel? Thank you! Two-Face a villain? or is he an Anti-Hero? Gotham is all about corruption and justice, and the past these villains hold onto. The past is their present. Reeve's Riddler has similar motives as this Two-Face; is to expose and terminate corruption, but Two-Face handles it more in a mature way (at least most of the time), rather than as an annoying and obsessed Redditor. I would really love to see Harvey in Reeve's Batman. (This review is not much on the film)

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  • Seven Samurai

    Seven Samurai


    Seven Samurai is everything that you can ask for in a film; action, comedy, romance, drama. Every second, frame, scene is glorious. I did not regret the 3 and a half hours spent watching this film. It's perfect. I will certainly revisit this in the near future.

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Beautifully crafted gem. A satisfying looking film that reminds me of Tarkovsky's cinematography. The theme has a sense of Kiarostami in it, i.e. a theme of life, death, friendship. In addition to gentle suspense, and a simplistic plot. In all, First Cow is a wholesome film that you would feel cosy watching in a cold weathered season, with the fireplace lighting up.