The Tale ★★★★

This movie started out seeming like a 'straight to dvd' type affair with a bit of stilted dialogue and uneven performances. Some scenes even had me chuckle due to lines being pulled directly from the infamous movie, The Room. (You have to record everything! Do you understand life?)

... But stick with it! Wow, this is such a brave, daring, and well constructed movie. The way it deals with memories and their subjective nature is masterful and highly effective. And seeing that the movie is based off of director Jennifer Fox's own memoir and experience, it puts you in her shoes in a highly believable way - however unpleasant it might be. And yes, the subject matter is stomach-turning and had me watch the last half of the movie with a constant lump in my throat; I was even forced to look away from the screen on a few occasions.

This movie goes straight to the 'great movies you really only want to watch once' list.