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  • Dangal



    Had so much potential. If only they focused more on the athlete’s story rather than the father’s, on the sport rather than the (fictional) drama between the superstar actor’s character and the sport academy’s coach.

    Too little was explored about the girls’ motivation to keep training and fighting at such a young age. Where is the cause for that burning fire that fuels them to train and fight like their life depended on it?

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Never gets old.

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  • Punjab on a High

    Punjab on a High


    Udta Punjab feels like a milestone for Indian cinema. The audience has come of age. Realism is no longer relegated to independent filmmakers working on a low budget, with up-and-coming cast & crew, and just enough production quality. Subjects are no longer treated with benevolence, glamour or attachment, but with the cold apathy and detachment that reality demands.

    This film’s scuffle with the Indian government’s regulatory moral police demonstrated, by action, that not only are audiences ready to face the mirror,…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    So much potential to explore further here. Would be a lot of fun to see what puberty would do.