Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★½

I didn't like the plot, but then again the only part of the book I truly appreciated was cut from the movie and Elio's father's speech felt, idk, weird because I didn't see Elio and Oliver's special bond at all here (in the book I struggled but I saw it). I didn't feel one emotion throughout the movie.
What did I like? The music, of course; the scenery (when it wasn't unnecessary); Timothée and Armie were lovely; Elio's shirts.
What I couldn't stand? The directing choices. Lots and lots of scenes randomly going out of focus, the weird effects during Mystery of Love and when Elio was asleep in Bergamo.
It would have been an alright and enjoyable movie (not excellent and definitely not a masterpiece) if it wasn't for the direction. I was sooooo disappointed I feel basically betrayed.

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