We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★

Real misery porn. The plot felt a bit too contrived since early in the film Swinton was worried about her child being autistic but doesn't ever intervene when her child clearly has issues growing older. Maybe it's to go with an early conversation with her son about how "she just got used to him." So yeah spoilers they never actually talk about Kevin, when they probably really should.
Jonny Greenwood's use of a liscened soundtrack also was a bit annoying with how on the nose they were like "In My Room" when she searchs through her son's room. Really wish there was more catharsis in the end. It really just serves to make you feel bad for the general role a mother is supposed to act in in society.

Also Ezra Miller randomly choke slamming a fan happy to see him was just him still deep in his role from this.