Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

It's been three days I've seen the film..yet I couldn't pull myself together to write anything about it..
Manchester by the Sea broke my heart... I don't really remember when was the last time a film made such an huge impact on my mind...
Manchester by the Sea is about life and you just live it. You don't learn anything new... It doesn't make you courageous.. It doesn't make the ends meet. It doesn't pat on your back and says 'everything will be fine'. It just leaves you in the middle... Because it's your life and you have to live it on your own.

The thing that makes this grief stricken film superior to any another Hollywood film of last year is definitely the performances of both the lead actors Affleck and Hedges.
Hedges is absolutely brilliant and promises to be a name on his own in the future.. and Casey? well... he was unimaginably great... Casey Affleck clearly made his point here.. You don't need cheesy one liners or monologues to make your character or performance memorable when you have such expressive eyes.. Casey lived in Lee Chandler. He played the character with such passion and honesty that he will be remembered for a long period of time and should get all the acknowledgements he deserves.
The music is soft and very relaxing.. It helps you to get the little comfort the film provides in its lonely and sad environment...
The screenplay is beautifully crafted and even makes you laugh sometimes in between the tension and the seriousness.

I'm yet to see some other films.. but by far, Manchester by the Sea is my favorite 2016 movie. :)

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