Room ★★★½

This film is sensitive, it's emotional... But it has flaws. Brie Larson as Ma and Jacob Tremblay as Jack were extraordinary... Specially Larson... It's undoubtedly her career best performance. Jacob (little Jack) surprised me the most with his charming look and brilliant screen presence. It's a good (almost brilliant) film if we're talking about the performances. But, the Film making department miserably failed to portray the sentiments and the depth of this brilliant and unique story. I felt, the director didn't put his soul while making it.. The lack of directorial experience and some bad cinematography have tried to make it even worse but thanks to Larson the Co. it manages to leave an impression. I loved the concept, I found it unique and I loved the bond the two created onscreen. But the realism was missing. It had all the potentials to be one of the finest movies of this year but it just couldn't deliver.

P.S- What the hell was William H. Macy doing here???