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  • Königin von Niendorf

    Königin von Niendorf


    Die talentierte Tochter von Rolf Thome macht am Hof vom Papa einen kleinen Kinderfilm, und der um einiges spannender als jeder Film vom Papa. Kein künstlicher Kitsch, kein künstliches Melodrama, ganz einfache Story wie bei einem Kore-eda, mit vielen Anspielungen auf meine Lieblings Kinderfilme: Stella und Lollipop.
    Zum Glück ist das kein Uni-Abschlussfilm oder geförderter Kommisisonsfilm, so unangestrengt ist er, aber trotzdem so wunderbar.
    Im Sommer ist jeder Tag ein Abenteuer.

  • Elementary



    Very similar to the superior "The Class", "Être et avoir" or "Short Term 12", which do have a better dramatic arc.

    This is a simple and effective true story about an elementary teacher in her midlife crisis, who is not as stereotypical as in the classic movies above. She is much stricter, and keeps her class under control, while still being very empathic to the weaker and troubled kids.

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  • Like Crazy

    Like Crazy


    And so this is the first film of the year which made me cry, crying for the fun and comedy, and esp. the grandious Valeria Bruni Tedeschi who is the best when playing herself. It reminded me a lot on her first film "Il est plus facile pour un chameau …", where also her mother plays her mother.
    But behind all the slapstick and gags this is an extremely accurate depiction of the Italian mental institutions and their typical stories.…

  • Passengers



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Before I saw it, and just read the script:

    Given that they use the traditional romantic comedy formula for a Sci-Fi movie doesn't wake my interest. I do like romantic comedy, but when it's too formulaic and predictable it's boring.

    He doesn't want to die alone, so he stalks her for months, eventually wakes her up also, destroying all her dreams living on a remote planet, instead living the next 90 years along this other lone dude on the colonization…