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  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    This was better than I expected! Lost of excellent action. The fights in this show a brutal finesse with each sequence doing something to top the last. Lots of world building in this too. They just sort of dump you in Alita's world and it feels like this living thing you learn about as she does which for me really enhanced the immersion. My only real gripe is how quickly things move. Like I understand it's a movie and you…

  • Cold Pursuit

    Cold Pursuit


    This movie is weird. Like it's an action thriller and it starts with Liam Neeson doing crazy action things but then the plot goes all over and gets like too deep in the side characters. Also a lot of the deaths and stuff are played off as jokes? I suppose you'd call it a black comedy but the split of thriller to comedy is like 80/20 if I'm being generous to the comedy. Really weird stuff. Don't think I'd watch this again. Also the bad guy's death isn't satisfying enough for how much of a dick he is. Damn shame.

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon

    This was my third Refn film and I still didn't know what to expect. I love Drive but I saw Only God Forgives a while ago and still can't decide how I feel about it. 

    Not the same for The Neon Demon. I can confidently say that I enjoyed this film. I love the Refn feel in this one. There's the eerie calm to these films that I feel works especially well here.

     Of course, the entire film is beautiful…

  • It Follows

    It Follows

    A horror movie where the main characters believe and want to help her? Neat. 

    No but really this is a pretty interesting way to show the inevitability of death and how we can try (and fail) to escape from it. The cool thing about how "it" works is like how people can avoid thinking of death through love and sex but it's ultimately on it's way to you.

    I don't really have anything to complain about. I guess it's not…