Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

This could have been way better

When it come to heist films, the important things are characters and their motives, the gang dynamic, the fun.
The characters were mostly good, although the group had the cliche cringe Dynamic. The only character that I hated was the daughter one, she was so annoying, I mean her acting was bad and she hates her dad and doesn't talk to him for no reason and her motives are dumb af. She made the movie worse. No character had any proper motive, tbh.The fun however was really good, it had Snyder mark all over. I enjoyed the first and final act tho, I loved the way he brutally ends the characters. The soundtrack and sound design is the standout part, the way the zombie by cranberries was used was delightful. The Climax was good and cliche but i srsly hate the survivors, I mean Wtf.

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