Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

This is cinema!

3hr 50 min and yet I did not want to leave. Legend Sergio Leone's last film, a fucking masterpiece. The film just pulls you in and moves you, I felt like I was in it. Robert de Niro acting is so modest and perfect. It has heavy violence and sexuality yet it doesn't feel much, I mean it did not impact me so much it just went by peacefully. Noodles is a character who is filled with rage inside which makes him end up in jail yet he refuses to kill in the end, it's so poetic. I would like to think of the 60s potrayed as a opium dream. I want to belive in the sugar coated world and don't like the idea of betrayals.

With this film I complete The IMDb top 250 list. Spent almost 7 months on it, it is a crazy list. The ranking suck yet the list is really fun to watch and obviously I hated some. I feel compared to the lb list this list has a recency bias and has more fun titles. I mean I am gen-z kid and i used to prefer to watch a color film over a B/W film but this list kinda changed my perspective. I felt the IMDb list is a great list and fun to watch.

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