Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★★½

(Part 3 of my personal story with the sequel trilogy, read my last two reviews for context) So in early 2019 I decided to tune into the Star Wars Celebration Livestream and I remembered why I loved this franchise so much in the first place. The fandom at the time seemed to be just hating and discussing the sequels, having a fandom wars and not being worth the effort. But that convention reminded me, that most SW fans were just people excited for the franchise and enthusiastic to participate. That made me interested again and it was the perfect time, because the episode 9 hype started. So I rewatched episode 8 (the last time I watched it was in the theatre) and I loved it more than ever (it made me a Reylo for a while lol). Also they hired J.J. Abrams again instead of Trevorrow, which I very much liked (not gonna go into a big discussion here, but the "leaked script", which to my knowledge is not 100% the real script, is in my opinion worse than what J.J. Abrams did).
At this point I made some friends in the new city, so I went with other people again to see it. Here are some things I loved in the cinema:
Palpatines and everything about the Exegol design (and how they hint at his survival, but not say it), Rey-Poe-Finn interactions, the Kajimi lightsaberbattle sadly no one talks about (it's amazing), Richard E. Grant being the only scary admiral except Tarkin, the expansion of the force connection between rey and kylo and Rey getting hyped by voices on a star background.
The discussion after the movie with my friends was a little weird, because I liked the movie way more than they did. It's definitely disappointing that friends and reviewers I respect don't like this movie as much as I do because the more I watch it, the more the good things stick out. Is there a lot of stupid decisions here? Yeah. But I see it like Return of the Jedi. It's the worst of the trilogy, there are some dumb decisions, but I can overlook those for the good moments and those stick the landing imo.

So this is the sequel trilogy. I love it. The movies are nowhere near perfect, but the fundamentals work really well for me. I really hope more people get to experience what I see in those movies, because Star Wars should not be something we should endlessly fight about. So what I'm saying is read the Dr. Aphra comics because those are perfect in every way.