Sorry to Bother You ★★★½

Comedywise, there are lots of great moments stuffed in here, so many so, and so different in their tone, that nobody mentions them all. e.g.--nowhere have I seen mentioned the greatness of the Michel Gondry-ripped promo film that Winkelvoss so urgently wants Cash to watch, which is singularly unpersuasive. But the film's also got more IDIOCRACY running through its veins than you might expect given how Mike Judge and Boots Riley likely don't run in the same political circles. Sure, there's the OW MY BALLS rip, and the Worry Free reality show and compound cutaways seemed like outtakes from Judge's film. Plus, Terry Crews.

The art show is flat-out hilarious.

Still, is it a bit too much of a shaggy dog in that third act, with the horsedudes? Yeah, a bit. I keep thinking some sort of setpiece wherein the domestic Worry Free veal pens are overturned would have been a bit more dramatically meaningful, and am not sure that Riley's commitment to showing that striking is ultimately the best agent of change makes this the best movie it could be, but it's enough dissimilar to the rest of the junk that's playing in your local theater that I'm going to give that a pass and embrace the untidiness and off-the-railsness of it.