Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Ok so I know that everyone is in love with this film and how it was supposed to be a sleeper hit and just one of the year's best. Perhaps we saw 2 different films because I think that this movie was Boring, Vapid, Love.

The plot seemed really contrived with everyone in a single family apparently crushing on those around them and seemed like something out of a Twilight film.

Ryan Gosling, after your performance in Drive, I was willing to give you another chance, but you squandered it in this by being a totally unlikeable character which made it very hard for me to care about you falling for a girl. You have one more chance in 'Gangster Squad', squander it and we're done.

All I hear these days is how Emma Stone is going to be a great big movie star and how she is stunningly gorgeous, really?? Really? On both counts. She was just plain annoying in this one. Please Please Please be better in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'!

Overall I wouldn't say I hated it but it was so boring, stupid, and not funny that I couldn't wait for the film to end....sigh.