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  • Rampage



    This was an intensely enjoyable movie experience for me. And I realize it's at least partially because of my own personal taste-- I grew up on monster movies and watched made-for-SyFy flicks every Saturday morning with my brother. It's also at least partially because I love movies that are BATSHIT INEXPLICABLE, and this one absolutely suffices.

    Some things worth noting:
    - The Rock breaking his handcuffs by simply pulling them apart and having them pop off his big-ass wrists fits…

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Pacific Rim: Uprising


    I don't remember much about it, but I remember finding it to be a pleasant experience. Needed more of Evil [Redacted], though. That person could play the shit out of a villain in a different film.

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  • Passengers



    In this theater, no one could hear me scream.

  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch


    In case you were wondering, this is still one the ugliest, most brainless, most unpleasant, and most fucking terrible movies made in your lifetime.