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Russell Hainline


Small-time screenwriter, big-time idiot.

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  • Double Impact

    Double Impact


    movie's first 20 minutes are pretty tight, and the last 20 have some delightful action (Bolo absolutely owns, no surprise), but the stuff in between largely treads water. especially disappointing that they didn't give Cory Everson more to do.

    that said, JCVD's performance as a Hollywood goofball is pretty hilarious.

  • 24 Hour Party People

    24 Hour Party People


    plenty of good stylistic choices here that make this one of the more tolerable biopics in memory. plus, it has several scenes of Steve Coogan reading TV news copy, never not howlingly funny. the scene near the end where Wilson insists he'll never sell out because he can't is a doozy.

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