Last Flag Flying ★★★★½

Linklater, perhaps better than any other American filmmaker, understands how to observe characters, let an audience grow with them, and reveal interesting parts of humanity by presenting them with realistic adversity. Questions are asked, answers aren't given, and people's true colors are revealed. This movie, like so many of his others, is a slow burn-- you may not be hooked five minutes in, but by the forty-five minute mark, I felt I understood these characters, their suffering, and I wanted to see them lift each other up.

A few scenes late in this film-- Cicely Tyson ftw-- left me grateful that no one was in the theater with me to listen to my sniffling. The questions, complications, and mistrust of the powers that be that exist at the start of the film still exist at the end. But the displays of simple human kindness moved me deeply. Carell has never been better, and Fishburne hasn't been this good in a film in over a decade. Seek this out when it's available to you.

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