R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

the early 2010s were a magical time. Robert Schwentke was leveraging the success of RED into directing a 130 million dollar budget adaptation of a comic book no one knew... starring Ryan Reynolds who, at the time, was primarily known for making blandly likable romcoms and ruining the characters of Wade Wilson and Green Lantern. (I wrote in my review on this site in response to Reynolds's performance, "Okay Hollywood, you win, we'll give Taylor Kitsch another shot.") my, how things change in a decade!

but at least the first R.I.P.D., while not good, has this whole Men-In-Black-ripoff vibe and allows a few good actors to shamelessly ham it up. I've seen stretches of it once or twice on TNT since watching it, and of the major bombs of the early 2010s... it's probably not the worst!

but this DTV sequel bypasses anything remotely Men-In-Black-ripoffy in favor of getting as quickly as possible to endless sitcom Western shtick. it also makes the criminal offense of running an hour 45, absolutely deadly for a cash-in DTV venture like this. even the original is only an hour 36! cheap straight-to-video sequels no one asked for can be fun... but the fun is seriously lacking, save for Richard Brake chewing the scenery as the villain.

I'd rather just watch the original-- and long for the days when Hollywood made wildly expensive adaptations of comic book characters no one really knows riddled with wildly uneven special effects and...

... on second thought, maybe things haven't changed that much.

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