Vice ★★

People shit on Sorkin for giving us things like "Zuck created Facebook to impress a girl" and "Jobs created the iPod to impress his daughter," but at least Sorkin is *trying* to give us some understanding of these power-mad weirdos. McKay doesn't even bother. We just get a title card that touts how hard it is to make a movie on someone so secretive, which gets a good laugh, but in retrospect feels like a shoddy excuse for a complete lack of character development.

People are shitting on McKay for lecturing to/patronizing his audience, but I don't really have a problem with that at all. If anything, McKay doesn't lecture *enough* here, because he has nothing to say beyond "Cheney is evil, so is Lynne, so are most Republicans." While that's true, it's not narratively interesting in the slightest. How did they get evil? Was it preventable? Do they question their evil? Were they born evil? Are we all evil?

The movie doesn't bother with these questions because it's too busy hammering through the Standard Biopic Laundry List of Life Events. It's like Walk the Line, if you removed Johnny Cash's character motivation, narrative intrigue, and charm. And then it has the audacity to occasionally throw in a genuinely terrific scene, idea, image, line, etc., just to tease you into thinking a good movie is around the corner. Ugh.

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