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This review may contain spoilers.

I've been meaning to check out Electric Barbarella for a while. What a Girl on Film.

She's from Planet Earth and crashes on another planet looking for the Notorious Durand Durand. This is no Ordinary World. She is captured, but then is rescued by a creature that was Hungry Like the Wolf. After engaging in some Skin Trade, she uses an angel to Reach Up for the Sunrise. The Chauffeur takes her to Meet El Presidente, a Femme Fatale and a tyrant.

The Great Tyrant makes a pass at Barbarella, but Barbarella says "I Don't Want Your Love". All She Wants Is a View To a Kill with her gun, but her plan had Come Undone when the gun was broken.

She is put in a cage and attacked by a bunch of birds from Rio, but then she is rescued by The Wild Boys. They ask her to join them in the Union of the Snake and defeat the Great Tyrant. After giving her the key, Barbarella says "Are you Serious? Is There Something I Should Know about this key?" They tell her it's invisible.

On her journey to the Great Tyrant, Barbarella is captured by Durand Durand and put in a machine which makes her do The Reflex and go Out of Her Mind. After surviving Breath After Breath, the machine breaks. Durand Durand asks Barbarella "Do You Believe in Shame?"

Barbarella enters the Chamber of Dreams, where the Great Tyrant is Lonely In Her Nightmare, but the plans come Falling Down when Durand Durand steals the second key. Fortunately the Great Tyrant was able to Save a Prayer and begins Burning the Ground, thwarting Durand Durand.

With the Pressure Off, there is no more Girl Panic! as the angel flies away with Barbarella and the Great Tyrant.

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