Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

At first blush it's insane that David followed up the perfectly composed indie horror film It Follows with the cinema equivalent of getting high on whippits while watching The Big Lebowski. But the connective tissue is there if you can find the patterns in this shaggiest of shaggy dog stories.

Like the titular It of It Follows, Andrew Garfield spends the entire film following every paranoid thought and lead he sees, leading him through the most secluded parts of Los Angeles. He finds very few answers on this quest, which begs it's own question: Was there ever really anything to find?

This is a severely flawed movie that will have a strong life with a particular kind of young film bro who imagines something great for themselves. Scott Pilgrim is just as close an analogue as Inherent Vice. Those flaws will inevitably only serve to strengthen it's bond with the true believers because they serve as repellant from the "ordinary." Let them follow the pop groove mindlessly. Those who can hear the real message are invited deeper into the tunnel where they can see exactly how they've been conditioned and manipulated by the culture served to them on a silver platter.

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